What is the Project 0.2 Ecosystem?

The Project 0.2 ecosystem comprises of three separate components, designed to work seamlessly together and achieve a very specific end goal - sustainability of the high-hands time trial position.

Project 0.2 was always intended as an upgrade for those investing in their time trial position, allowing the user to exploit the gains in comfort and aerodynamic efficiency that come from a well executed high-hands position.

High hands position

Project 0.2 Compatibility

While there are many reasonable entry-level time trial bikes on the market with non-integrated front ends, these cost-saving measures come at a cost to maximising performance. The first step for any athlete (amateur or elite) investing in aero performance, is ensuring your bike and equipment choice align with your performance goals.

The Project 0.2 ecosystem has been designed to work with a range of bikes and handlebars that place position optimisation at the forefront of product use

Angulation of the arm cup is a key feature of the Project 0.2 ecosystem. As such, compatibility of the Project 0.2 ecosystem is largely dependent on the compatibility of our Arm Cup Wedges with your bike. When reviewing compatibility, please visit the COMPATIBILITY tab on our online store.

Project 0.2 - Canyon Speedmax CF SLX

Arm Cup Wedge Compatibility

Wedge mounting is the primary consideration with Project 0.2 compatibility. Each wedge mounts to the original cup mounting points, taking the place of the arm cups. Our Arm Cup Wedges are compatible as long as the original cup connection screws are oriented fore-aft (vertical, or north-south), are M5 or M6, and have a spacing between 15-30 mm.

M5 compatible bikes: Giant Trinity, Cervelo P5 & P5X, 3T Vola/Revo, Argon 18 E-119 and Electron Pro, Specialized Shiv TT, Boardman TTE, Factor Slick, TriRig Alpha, Ventum One, Vision Metron TFA

M6 compatible bikes: Canyon Speedmax CF SLX, Profile Design Aeria Ultimate, Cube Aerium, Wilier Turbine, ENVE SES, Scott Plasma 5 (TT brackets #242123), Avanti Pista Pursuit, S-Works Shiv Disc

Our Arm Cup Wedges have their own dedicated cup mounting points, requiring M5 connection screws, with a spacing of 30 mm.

Arm Cup Wedges - Canyon Speedmax CF SLX

Deep Groove Arm Cup Compatibility

Our Deep Groove Arm Cups have been designed to mount to our Arm Cup Wedges and have not been designed for universal fitment. If we have learnt anything from our extensive position optimisation work over the last three years (Adaptive Human Performance), it’s that the use of an angled arm cup is the most effective way of improving comfort and performance in a time trial position. Our arm cups are not designed to work as a stand alone component, they are designed to work with our arm cup wedges, achieving a 15-degree arm cup angle.

Deep Groove Arm Cups

High Rise 3D Extension Compatibility

High Rise 3D Extensions complete the Project 0.2 ecosystem, providing the necessary height gain (100 mm), from the angled arm cup. The main questions of compatibility with this component relate to sifter choice and tube diameter. Again, our design relates back to what produces the most effective time trial positions and what’s conducive to outright time trial performance.

Thanks to their short design, the new generation of shifters from SRAM (eTap CLICS) and Shimano (SW-R9160) provide optimal ergonomics and best grip on the extension tube. The short body of these shifters means that the grip section of the tube can be easily trimmed to provide optimal height gain. The 30-degree grip angle employed on our High Rise 3D extensions and the lack of cable entry ports are intentional design considerations to complement these shifter options.

Depending on your bike, your cycling discipline (UCI vs non-UCI position) and your ability to perform safe tube modifications (cable entry ports), older generation Shimano Di2 shifters may be installed. We do not recommend performing the modifications that are required to mount mechanical shifters to this handlebar type.

High Rise 3D extensions use a standard 22.2 mm diameter tube. This is compatible with the majority of bike/handlebar options on the market. Proprietary systems such as the PRO Missile and Ridley Dean are not compatible with our extensions. Bikes requiring an odd tube diameter are also not compatible with our extensions.

High Rise 3D Extensions

Project 0.2 Ecosystem

The Project 0.2 Ecosystem has been designed to facilitate the time trial position optimisation process, improving comfort and performance through allowing athletes to properly execute the high-hands time trial position. Successful use of the Project 0.2 ecosystem requires an understanding of compatibility and knowledge of the end goal.

Any questions on compatibility? Contact us via the CONTACT page, with details of the bike and your position requirements.



All images are by Aaron Upson (@aaronupson)
The featured athlete is Jordy Villani (Subaru-AnchorPoint Cycling)
Words by Ken Ballhause of Sync Ergonomics