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Arm Cup Wedges

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Matching the trajectory of the forearm when a high-hands position is used, Arm Cup Wedges increase the contact patch at the forearm, improving comfort and stability.

Designed for universal fit, our asymmetrical wedge design comes in both M5 and M6 mounting options, maximising compatibility across a range of modern time trial bikes.


Arm Cup Wedges mount in place of the original arm cups and require a fore-aft connection bolt arrangement (15-30 mm).

M5: Giant Trinity, Cervelo P5-six & P3X, Argon 18 E-119 & Electron Pro, Factor Slick, Ventum One, Vision Metron TFA, 3T Vola/Revo, S-Works Shiv Tri Disc, Boardman TTE

M6: Canyon Speedmax CF SLX, Cervelo P5X, Profile Design Aeria Ultimate, Cube Aerium, Wilier Turbine, ENVE SES, Scott Plasma 5 (TT brackets #242123)

Arm Cup Wedge:
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Arm cup wedges are our answer to those looking to maximise the comfort and aero gains that come from the high-hands time trial position.

Wedging increase the contact patch at the arm cup, matching the forearm angle when a high-hands time trial position is used.

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UCI compliant (1.3.023)

Wedge angle: 15-degrees (cup)

Design: Asymmetrical mounting points with 10 mm cup mount offset

Cup mount connection: M5 x 30 mm, compatible with Deep Groove arm cups

Wedge mount location: Original cup mount, spacing between 15 and 30 mm
Mounting options: M5 and M6 connection

Material: CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum, black anodized, stainless steel Torx head hardware

Weight: 85 g (set, inc hardware)


Why we created Arm Cup Wedges

Our Arm Cup Wedge solution draws on experience from delivering fit services, across a range of time trial disciplines and a range of ability levels. A proven performer in the real world and validated in aero testing, our wedge solution improves both position consistency and aerodynamic efficiency.

The 15-degree wedge slope matches the forearm trajectory when a high-hands (100 mm height gain) position is used. Wedging increases the contact patch of the forearm, improving stability, comfort and control. Designed with universal fit in mind, our wedge solution provides multiple mounting options.


 About Project 0.2

Project 0.2 (P 0.2) cockpit solutions are engineered to produce the most effective time trial positions, compliant with UCI regulations, while offering comfort over full distance IRONMAN triathlon.

The advanced ergonomic design facilitates aero positioning, improving stability and support for the upper body when aero positions are employed. In turn, this improves position consistency and
aerodynamic efficiency.



 Improved aerodynamic performance

Validated using field-based aero testing (Alphamantis Technologies), the P 0.2 cockpit solution improves both position consistency and aerodynamic efficiency. This is immediately evident in the distribution of CdA data, collected while performing aero testing sessions (Variable 1 vs Variable 2 below). Our test data shows a 3.5% lower average CdA when using P 0.2 components. This is an equivalent power gain of 14 Watts, worth 33 seconds over 40 km, or 106 seconds over full IM distance.


CdA Distribution by Run