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Deep Groove Arm Cups

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Ergonomically designed to provide unrivaled security from lateral forearm movement, Deep Groove Arm Cups maximise support for aero positioning across all disciplines.

Designed to be fit-friendly, Deep Groove arm cups feature a Velcro-backed removable pad and a large adjustment range, ensuring quick and effective positioning.


Deep Groove arm cups are designed to work with our Arm Cup Wedges and are not designed for universal fitment as a stand-alone component.

When used in combination with our Arm Cup Wedges, the cup and wedge package offers a total of 20 mm of lateral cup adjustment per side.

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Deep Groove ergonomic arm cups provided unrivalled support for the elbow and forearm.

Highly adjustable, our Deep Groove Cups have been designed to allow users to readily achieve a high-quality time trial position.

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UCI compliant (1.3.023)

Cup length: 124 mm
Cup depth: 30.5 mm (inside)
Cup width: 88 mm (outside)

Cup mount connection: M5 x 30 mm
Fore-aft adjustment: 45 mm (15 mm increments)
Lateral adjustment: 20 mm per side (combination of cup & wedge to achieve adjustment)

Cup material: Injection molded, glass reinforced Nylon plastic cup
Cup decal: Black or white option, Sync Ergonomics P 0.2

Pad type: Removable, Velcro connection
Pad material: Injection molded EVA foam pad (nude finish), variable thickness (9 mm base, 7 mm sides)

Weight: 160 g (set, inc pads)


Why we created Deep Groove Arm Cups

Raised both medially and laterally, with depth that provides unrivaled security from lateral movement, our Deep Groove arm cups maximise forearm support. The length of the cup further improves the contact patch at the forearm, achieving our goals of position stability.

With a large adjustment range, our Deep Groove arm cups facilitate the optimisation process by allowing you to achieve a range of positions, quickly and efficiently during fitting. Deep Groove arm cups work seamlessly with our arm cup wedges as part the P 0.2 ecosystem.


 About Project 0.2

Project 0.2 (P 0.2) cockpit solutions are engineered to produce the most effective time trial positions, compliant with UCI regulations, while offering comfort over full distance IRONMAN triathlon.

The advanced ergonomic design facilitates aero positioning, improving stability and support for the upper body when aero positions are employed. In turn, this improves position consistency and
aerodynamic efficiency.






 Improved aerodynamic performance

Validated using field-based aero testing (Alphamantis Technologies), the P 0.2 cockpit solution improves both position consistency and aerodynamic efficiency. This is immediately evident in the distribution of CdA data, collected while performing aero testing sessions (Variable 1 vs Variable 2 below). Our test data shows a 3.5% lower average CdA when using P 0.2 components. This is an equivalent power gain of 14 Watts, worth 33 seconds over 40 km, or 106 seconds over full IM distance.


CdA Distribution by Run