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High Rise 3D Extensions

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High Rise 3D extensions are our answer to those looking to achieve a true high-hands position, providing 100 mm of height gain, when using Deep Groove cups and Arm Cup Wedges.

With a 3D bend profile featuring a 30-degree grip angle, High Rise 3D extensions provide both optimal height gain and hand placement, while maximising adjustment range.


High Rise 3D extensions have been designed for modern electronic shifters (Shimano SW-R9160 and SRAM eTap Clics) and are NOT pre-drilled or slotted for cable routing.

Our extensions have been designed to offer 100 mm of height gain, when using our wedge and cup package. The Project 0.2 ecosystem is required for UCI compliance.

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High Rise 3D Extensions are our answer to those looking to achieve a true high-hands position.

With geometry providing optimal hand placement when used with our wedge and cup, the advanced 3D profile is the natural evolution of the common high-rise extension.

High Rise 3D Extensions.png


Height gain: 150 mm (center-to-center)
Height gain: 110 mm (with wedge and cup)
Total length: 395 mm

Initial bend: 60-degrees
Grip angle: 30-degrees
Inward offset: 7.5-degrees (12.5 mm)

Material: 6061 aluminium (22.2 mm), black anodized, undrilled and unslotted for cable routing

Shifter compatibility: Plug type

Weight: 215 g (set)


Why we created High Rise 3D Extensions

The high-hands position has long been used by athletes targeting improvements in aero performance and comfort. The advanced 3D bend profile employed in our High Rise 3D extensions allows us to optimise both height gain and grip angle, overcoming the usual challenges in establishing a high-hands position.

High Rise 3D extensions provide 100 mm of height gain, when used as part of the Project 0.2 ecosystem. With a moderate 30-degree grip angle, our extensions provide a locked in and aerodynamic hand position, while providing the necessary height gain to maximise comfort and aerodynamic efficiency.


 About Project 0.2

Project 0.2 (P 0.2) cockpit solutions are engineered to produce the most effective time trial positions, compliant with UCI regulations, while offering comfort over full distance IRONMAN triathlon.

The advanced ergonomic design facilitates aero positioning, improving stability and support for the upper body when aero positions are employed. In turn, this improves position consistency and
aerodynamic efficiency.






 Improved aerodynamic performance

Validated using field-based aero testing (Alphamantis Technologies), the P 0.2 cockpit solution improves both position consistency and aerodynamic efficiency. This is immediately evident in the distribution of CdA data, collected while performing aero testing sessions (Variable 1 vs Variable 2 below). Our test data shows a 3.5% lower average CdA when using P 0.2 components. This is an equivalent power gain of 14 Watts, worth 33 seconds over 40 km, or 106 seconds over full IM distance.


CdA Distribution by Run